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NLRB Required Job Posting 1/1/31 for Employers

By October 21, 2011February 19th, 2015No Comments

iStock_000008800639XSmallNew Posting Requirement for Employers

Employers: Are you prepared?  There is a new posting requirement by the National Labor Relations Board.  This new rule affects all employers, regardless of union or non-union.

By January 31, 2012, employers are now required to post a new notice about employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

As with other labor and employment law posters,  the information must be posted in a conspicuous location. For information about size and content, and to download a template free of charge you can visit the NLRB website.

A number of organizations are challenging the rule, however at this point such challenges have only postponed, but not have not eliminated, the poster requirement. We will notify HR Knowledge, Inc. clients if there is a change; until such time all affected employers should comply no later than January 31 of next year.

The poster is available for download at and HR Knowledge will be providing all full-service clients with one at no charge.

For more information about this posting requirement, to keep updated on other laws and regulations that can effect an employer, and tips to stay in compliance, please contact us.

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