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Personnel Files Are You Compliant?

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Employers receive, generate, and accumulate substantial volumes of documents beginning with hiring documents, including job postings, employment applications, resumes, and reference checks and once a worker is employed, personnel files, wage and hour records, payroll records, and disciplinary files. At the conclusion of employment, there may be separation documents generated as well. Part of being a successful employer is properly generating, drafting, and retaining quality professional records, before, during and after the employment relationship.

Recommended Contents of Personnel Files

A. Employment

• Resume

• Online job inquiries (i.e., through, etc.)

• Original employment application

• Education verification

• Employment verification

• Other background verification

• Rejection letter, if any

• Employment offer letter, if any

• Employment agency agreement, if hired through an agency

• Employee Handbook acknowledgment form showing receipt of Handbook

• Checklist from new employee orientation showing subjects covered

• Transfer requests

• Relocation records


B. Payroll

• W-4 Form

• Weekly time records, i.e. timesheets or timecards

• Individual attendance record

• Pay advance request records

• Garnishment orders and records


C. Training and Development

• Training history records

• Training program applications/requests

• Skills questionnaire

• Training evaluation forms


D. Wage/Salary Administration

• Job description form

• Payroll authorization form

• Compensation history records

• Notification of wage and or salary increase/decrease


E. Employee Relations

• Report of discipline/counseling session

• Commendations

• Employee written warning notices

• Employee progress reports

• Performance appraisal forms

• Performance improvement program records