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In this highly competitive and constantly changing business world, the PROFESSIONAL IMAGE that your staff displays is a primary driver of your brand appeal.
Regardless of your business segment, you need to know that your employees are positively and effectively representing you in whatever marketplace you do business.
Our PROFESSIONAL IMAGE Trilogy training program provides your employees with an understanding of professionalism, an awareness of its importance, and the tools they need to achieve professionalism every day.
Session 1: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service: Whether you call them customers, clients, members, or guests, your business will succeed or fail on the value of the service you provide to them. This session educates your staff on the importance of exceptional service to both your external and internal constituencies and increases their awareness of how – both as individuals and as a group – their service level affects your organization’s business objectives. Your staff will learn strategies and techniques for meeting or exceeding customer expectations to achieve satisfaction, retention, and repeat business.
Session 2: Communicating Effectively in 2017: Communicating effectively is one of the most critical business skills, no matter what your industry. Yet so many of us haven’t been trained in how to communicate well and with purpose. Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation, a telephone call, or a professionally written email exchange, a meaningful message should make a connection that leaves a powerful impression. From boosting listening skills, to improving business writing etiquette, to delivering constructive feedback, your employees will learn how to become better communicators.
Session 3: Defining Professionalism: Professional behavior by all your people, all the time, is essential to any successful business. In this world of unparalleled transparency and visibility of organizations, your staff’s professionalism is unrelentingly on display. This session defines what it means to be a professional, illustrates the “5 P’s of Professionalism” and reinforces the importance of professional behaviors both internally and externally.
About our training
Our training programs are:
  • behavior focused,
  • hard hitting,
  • specifically customized to your organizational needs, and
  • highly cost- and time-effective.
Each of the three trainings is one hour in length so it can be easily accommodated into even the busiest schedule. Our seminars are on-site, instructor-led classes supplemented with live online learning.
Additionally, we can create custom training solutions for your organization. Want to refresh the basics of customer service for a newly hired group of customer service reps? Looking to incorporate quarterly town hall meetings with your sales team to discuss progress? For any situation your service business may face, we can develop customized training to meet your needs.
For a complete listing of our training programs, or to learn how we can tailor a program to your organization, please visit our website or contact us.
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About HR Knowledge, Inc.
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