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Sexual harassment training has always been important, but amplify that with today’s headlines about inappropriate behavior in the workplace and in society at large, and sexual harassment training has become the highest priority for many Delaware organizations.

Gone are the days of the “one-and-done” training mentality. There is now an overwhelming demand to replace the old “this is the law” model with a fresh approach that emphasizes arming your employees with the tools they need to make the right choices. This is how HR Knowledge has been conducting our sexual harassment prevention training, known as Respectful Workplace Training, for over 15 years.

Why Is Delaware Harassment Prevention Training Important?

Having a peaceful and respectful environment in the workplace contributes to productivity. When a company requires each of its employees to attend anti-harassment training, it’s taking practical steps to prevent issues that might arise.

Aside from that, with Delaware anti-harassment training, employees will learn how to better address workplace concerns. With the help of anti-harassment training, they can prevent consequences such as lawsuits, criminal charges, penalties, and other issues, such as reduced employee morale.

Protect your company and its employees

Our comprehensive anti-harassment Delaware program provides everyone in your company with the information they need in today’s workplace. Respect in the workplace not only boosts your employees’ morale and productivity, but also greatly reduces your potential liabilities.


Tired of cookie-cutter solutions?

We tailor our training around your business and its unique needs. First, we consult with your appropriate senior staff; then we configure our standard curriculum to specifically address the issues you deem to be most critical.

Everyone gets the information they need

We design our training for all staff. Your managers get the tools to prevent or respond to inappropriate workplace issues. Your employees are made aware of how they directly contribute to a respectful workplace as well as unacceptable behaviors to avoid. Everyone at every level will understand their individual responsibilities in creating a respectful work environment.

Fully compliant

Our training is available in varying formats and was created with the Delaware training requirements in mind.

How your organization will benefit from our Delaware based training:

By partnering with us for your anti-harassment training, you will:

  • Set the standard for appropriate behavior in your workplace
  • Ensure that everyone at every level understands their individual responsibilities in creating a respectful work environment
  • Encourage your workforce to appreciate the value of diversity in the workplace
  • Have a clear process in place for your employees to report unacceptable behavior
  • Improve your ability to manage any potential sexual harassment claims if and when they arise
Our comprehensive program includes
  • Live facilitated training by a senior HR Advisor
  • Webinar-based training for your distributed workforce
  • Interactive training with Delaware-specific requirements as necessary
  • Real-world examples of appropriate and inappropriate behavior


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Tailoring our services around your business and its specific needs.