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e-Alert – AllWays Health Partners: Important Information Regarding COVID-19

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AllWays Health Partners is committed to providing their members with accurate, reliable information about access to health care services in response to the COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus outbreak.


Easier access for members to get much needed care
AllWays Health Partners recognizes that barriers need to be removed in order to make sure that members get timely access to high-quality care during this public health emergency.

Policies have been put in place to ensure coverage for COVID-19 related to testing and treatment. These coverage policies are based on the public health recommendations and industry guidelines which have been informed by the best data and medical evidence available.

To speed up the access to critical health care services for COVID-19, in accordance with guidelines from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), coverage for commercial members include:

  • Removing cost-sharing (copayments, deductibles, or coinsurance) for testing and copayments for treatment at in-network facilities.
  • Extending these cost-sharing policies to testing for out-of-network facilities if in-network providers are unavailable and removing prior authorizations for HMO members. This is to make it easier to access testing if necessary, outside of the network.
  • Removing all cost-sharing for telehealth services, i.e., Partners HealthCare on Demand, to enable our members to seek COVID-19 related care virtually, which reduces the need to go to medical offices.

Dedicated phone lines and microsite to support COVID-19 knowledge

  • AllWays Health Partners have established a dedicated phone line to address questions members may have related to COVID-19 coverage. Members who call the phone number on their ID card will be prompted on how to access the dedicated phone line. For questions regarding testing or treatment, it’s recommended that members contact their health care providers.
  • As part of an integrated health system, AllWays Health Partners are pleased to share that Partners HealthCare’s coronavirus hotline for clinicians, patients and the public. The number is: 617-724-7000.
  • On their website, they have created a Coronavirus Resource Hub which features information about their health care coverage, guidance for businesses, and where to go for daily updates and tips on prevention.

Downloadable resources for AllWays Health Partners members

  • AllWays Partners wants to remind you and their members about some existing benefits and services that may be helpful during this time of recommended social distancing. For example, members have access to:
  • Virtual agent care through Partners HealthCare on Demand
  • FlexRx pharmacy benefit program with access to a 90-day supply of many maintenance medications, as well as the opportunity to refill 30-day prescriptions early

AllWays Health Partners asks for your support in sharing this information with your clients who offer AllWays Health Partners.

We’re transitioning to a remote workforce, and what this means for you
As part of an integrated health care system, we are participating in preparations by Partners HealthCare to protect employees and patients.

AllWays Health Partners is ready to support all essential business functions remotely without disruption. This includes enrollment, eligibility, claims processing and customer service. AllWays Health Partners will be able to remain open and continue business as usual.

It’s expected that the AllWays Health Partners team will be remote for at least a month. If, however you have a scheduled meeting with anyone from AllWays Health Partners, you will be contacted directly, and a virtual meeting will most likely be suggested.

Where to get timely information about COVID-19
Because this situation is constantly changing, AllWays Health Partners is directing their customers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for up-to-date information, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for local updates.

AllWays Health Partners is closely monitoring news and reports on COVID-19. Policies will be updated as needed to align with the latest public health industry guidelines in order to support their customers.

AllWays Health Partners wish to thank you for your support during this challenging and unprecedented time.

Employers Next Steps

  • HR Knowledge encourages all employers to stay informed by visiting the CDC website.
  • If you are a Full-Service or Virtual HR client and have any questions at this time, please email us.

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